*If you have a "Riorock" puppy or adult, we would love to include an update on him or her and photos*

Hi Heather,

I noticed you have a breeding with Hunter coming up. I am sending you a couple pictures of Gracie, Hunter’s daughter, today is her 2 year birthday! She has been absolutely the MOST amazing dog. Truly full of wisdom since she was a pup. I have never had a more well behaved, peaceful, loving dog. Truly magical! Makes me tempted to get one of Hunter’s next pups!

Any plans for a move closer to Colorado?

Hope all is well with you.

Be well,

Hi Heather!

Thanks…I will see if I can see some on your site.

Kimber is doing absolutely wonderful…she is most definitely our pride and joy. She has the best personality that we could have asked for…loves all other dogs, loves kids…just loves everyone and everything! I have attached a picture of her that I just took last week. She has a piece of a stuffed animal goose in her mouth. She rips all the stuffing out of her toys…but just loves to still play with the pieces of it until I finally decide to throw them away! Thank you for blessing us with such an amazing little puppy…we don’t know what we would do without her!

Thank you,


Yes I got a boy. His name is Toby. I would love to see the new dogs and I would love to stay in contact as he has just been more than I could have asked for in a dog. I attached a few photos of him over the last year or so. Looks a lot like Cash if I remember correctly.

Hope you life is treating you well in Maine.


Luke is wonderful, healthy and happy! Please find attached photos of him.. He is an incredible gift to our family and to the other 2 buddies you see him pictured with~ Hope all is well!


Hi Heather,

I don’t know if you got the email I sent a couple of weeks ago or not. Penny is doing so well with us. I’m able to bring her to work most days. She is starting to go out and greet people when they come into our office. She always gets a smile out of people, her eyes are always so bright! She loves to ride anywhere we go.

The picture I attached was taken yesterday. Penny likes having her picture taken. I was splitting some wood at camp. I’d throw it on the pile and Penny would grab it and lug it across the yard. It wore her out for sure.

Take care,

Hi Heather, this is Emma C., with Banjo from Aspen (newer photos attached!) Banjo is amazing I love him dearly, he just turned two! I am writing because my brother has begun his search for a black lab puppy. I know you moved but thought I would reach out to you to see if you have any plans for a black litter in the next 6 months or so?

I hope you are well.

Thank you,

Lana and Heather,

Isn’t she beautiful? Everyone who sees her thinks so! We so love our new baby. She is doing very well---gained four pounds and has lots and lots of energy. I think the more exercise she gets, the better shape she gets in and the more exercise she needs. Honestly, Lucy can go forever and ever—we’re lucky to have dogs in our neighborhood so she has lots of buddies. She gets lots and lots of walks and does great on the leash. Boy, is she a sniffer! Lucy is not sure about water yet so we’re going to take her to the dog beach at Lake Michigan so she can decide just how far to go in. One of our cats is still not sure about her, but we’re working on that. All in all, Lucy is just what our home needed.

Hope you both are doing well in Iowa. Thanks again for Lucy.

Diane and Tony

Hello ladies, attached are a few current photos of our sweet Timber ("Blue" from Rhys & Flame).

We love her so much and she is so happy. She is such a great companion and so friendly, loving, obedient and wonderful!

Thank you again,
Todd & Mag