*If you have a "Riorock" puppy or adult, we would love to include an update on him or her and photos*

Hi Heather,

Not sure if you remember but my wife (Celeste) and I adopted a black Labrador from you about 5 and a half years ago when you were located in Colorado. Sterling is still a wonderful companion and friend.

I believe she was out of Decoy and Harley.

Attached are a few pictures I had on my machine. Sterling has become quite a mountain dog over the years. She accompanies me on most climbs and doesn’t seem to have problems with tearing her pads on rough terrain like other labs I’ve noticed do. The picture on top of Pikes Peak includes Piton who belongs to the Riegners and was out of Cash and Brie. They (Sterling and Piton) spend quite a bit of time together as I am basically Piton’s dog-sitter during the week. That picture was taken just last November and you can see that Sterling is getting a little bit grey on her chin. The sight of her aging may be some of the motivation for me to get a new puppy.

I would like to get a new puppy sometime this year. I could be ready for one now but there is no rush. I’m however pretty set on getting a chocolate.



Here is an updated photo of Buddy from the Affleck family. I have never been interested in Labs until I met buddy who is my best friend! See second and third image.
Would you please tell me when the next litter is due? And why did you move away from CO?

Hello Heather and Lana,
See that you left Colorado. Hope that you like your new home. Wanted to update you about Daisy Lu. She is doing great. She is healthy and spoiled rotten. We don't get snow here so we took her for a drive to see snow for the first time and she loved it. She also had a fun Christmas with new squeaky toys and a big bone. See attached pictures.
Wishing you well in the new year.
Joan and Daisy Lu

Bubba is not as tall as my other labs were either, but he's right in line with the standard. His confirmation is great, everyone that sees him raves about him. He's very stocky. He's also got the best disposition of any of my previous labs. They all seemed to relate better to adults, and didn't show much interest in kids. Bubba loves everyone! He's really cocky too, shows a lot of attitude in a fun way. Sometimes he'll look at us when we call him and wait until it's his idea to come, but when Aly calls him, he's right there! Seems to have a lot more personality than the American bred dogs.


Hi Heather:

Just a few new photo's of Stella. She is a fabulous dog!

Hi Heather-

It has been way to long since I've emailed you. It looks like you've moved out of Iowa to the east coast. Where are you located? Its exciting to think we may meet you one day.
Ashes and Barney are doing really well. I've attached a couple of the latest pictures to this email
Our furry kids spent the summer traveling. We took them to an RV outside of Philadelphia in the middle of June. Ashes saw her first ducks and ducklings. She was fascinated and wanted to play with them. For July 4th, we took them to Gettysburg for a long weekend. It was very hot so while we walked the battlefield in the sweltering heat, they lounged in the air conditioning in the RV and watched TV. We then took them to Myrtle Beach for the first 10 days in August. Both Ashes and Barney spent time at the beach and in the ocean. They loved the water! Barney stood in water up to his chest with the waves coming in and out..he was like a concrete block, just standing there wagging his tail. Ashes played in the water. She walked the beach and didn't want to get out of the ocean; when she did she just wanted to say hello to everyone on the beach.. They had a great time. The two of them then traveled to Chesapeake Bay for 4 days. Unfortunately, it was raining most of the time so they stayed in the RV expect for short walks between storms. We went up to Lake George for Labor Day weekend. Ashes walked the trails with Tret. She met a couple of dogs that travel with our group. She played and just hung out by the campfire. The next trip is Halloween weekend. We're all heading to Hershey Park. It'll be fun. We have to look around for a costume so they can participate in the Halloween Parade for pets.
Needless to say, we love the two to them. They get along really well. Barney is Ashes's favorite toy. She plays with him all the time. She has a great personality. She's friendly and sweet. We get tons of compliments on how pretty she is and how handsome Barney is...all the time. Barney had a birthday this past Wednesday. We all celebrated with treats and a birthday present. He got a really big Kong to play with when he's in the kennel in the yard. He had a great birthday.
Tret has bonded with the two of them big time. Barney is the pup that helped us both with the lose of our beloved Bear. Ashes, with her personality, is irresistible. Tret takes her with him on trips to the recycle center and quick drop offs around town. They both go to work with him once in awhile. He would have taken them everyday but it wasn't possible.
Your new website looks great. What beautiful sires and dams! Love the chocolates; would love one in the future. I can't wait to see the pups you're expecting in the spring.
Keep in touch. Let us know where you are on the east coast. Maybe next pup, we'll be pick up in person.


Hi Heather-

I hope you are well. A recent photo of Reilly doing her favorite thing. Swimming with balls and sticks.
We saw your website and wondered who Fergie's parents are. She is darling. Is she related to Reilly? We were just curious.
I took Reilly to her "wellness" exam at the Vet today. They love her so much. My Vet asked me for your contact info. Her 14 year old just passed away and she said she loved Reilly and her disposition so much, she may contact you to try to get a puppy. That is a nice compliment, because I'm sure she sees a million dogs and wanted your info.

Thank you again for Reilly. We love her.

Hi Heather,

I hope your move to Maine went well, and that you are all settled in by now. Jessie is strong and healthy and an absolute joy for us. As you might remember, she is the first dog I have ever had and I was totally unprepared for how much I would fall in love with her. Working from home as I do, she and I are together all day (and night - she sleeps on the foot of our bed - spoiled :-) ) She is a wonderful companion. Thank you again.

Jessie is 75 lbs now, which the vet says is perfect for her. We still have people stop us and tell us how beautiful she is - one man said he used to breed labs and he thought she is extraordinary.

I saw that you have a girl named Penny, and she looks to be a litter mate sister of our Jessie. Is this actually the puppy you called "Taz" or another girl from that litter?

We would like to get another chocolate girl a some point, and are especially interested in one from Penny, as that would be as close a relation to Jessie as we can get. We would like to keep them as far apart in age as practical. I know it is impossible for you to predict the future, but from talking with you, I recall that you usually breed your girls twice and only occasionally 3 times. So here's the deal - we would like to reserve a choc female out of the last litter that Penny will have - if her second breeding is the final one, ok - if you'll do third, we will wait for that. We are wlling to send you a deposit at any time.

I hope that makes sense - if not, perhaps we can chat about it sometime.

Best wishes in your new home - Happy Holidays!!


Hi Heather,

Well almost a year has past by. Leo turned 1 on December 1st. Ashes as well (Treta). He is doing great and we just love him. He's one big playful baby. We get compliments everywhere we take him. Hope all is doing well. Happy holidays to you and your family. Pictures attached.

Andrew, Bridget, Ben and Alyssa

Hi Heather,

This is Jason from Colorado Springs. We got “Zim” from you back in Feb.08. So, we unfortunately had to put our other dog down and now need a playmate for Zim. We are looking for a black female (runt if possible). Are there any upcoming litters for black? I hope this email finds you doing well and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You,

Hey Heather;

I hope all is well in the world of Labs. Since Yogi (Rhys x Ashes) turned 1 today I thought I would send you some pics. He’s 63 lbs and of course the best dog in world along with our other lab, Thurman. We all go on a 5 mile hike on Saturdays and Sundays so he’s getting plenty of exercise and he listens well, especially for just turning one. We have a great bond and I get compliments on his looks on a regular basis. It’s kind of funny, those who don’t know much about labs ask if he’s a lab mix, and those that know labs make it a point to say what a great head he has.

I’ll send the other pics one at a time shortly.



I own a yellow male (Ronin) that I purchased from you in 2008. I am looking for a black puppy to join him. Will you be breeding any black litters in the near future?


My name is Dalton.
We got a puppy from you two years ago from cash and jj. He has been the best dog. We are interested in getting another lab probably around next fall. I know it is early, but I would like to learn more about any litters from hunter. Also some info on his temperament. Let me hear from you when you have time.

Hi, there!

More updates on Luna. Will send one at a time. More to follow this email.

We got back from our trip to CA and then took the dogs to Vail where we stayed for 2 days. They were having a huge festival, and of course we took the dogs with us all through everything! Every few steps we would get stopped by people, kids and adults alike, to stop and pet Luna. Everyone said what a gorgeous dog she is and how well-behaved! I am so proud of her!

Then we went to our condo in Frisco (where we still are) and have been hiking and tooling around town. We took the dogs down to the marina and Luna well NUTS in the water. We went down a small dock and she actually fell in because she missed-judged the edge! It was funny! She loves the water but she isn't keen on swimming yet. I guess that will come eventually too????

I can't tell you how wonderful she is! We take her with us everywhere we can, where we won't get fined by the authorities! LOL She brings smiles to everyone and even grown men HUG her! Isn't that funny!? Everywhere we go people marvel at how mellow she is and well-behaved. And they pet her and say how soft her coat is! She's a JOY, JOY, JOY, and we can't stop loving on her constantly! We just feel so lucky!

I attached a few pics from our hike today. She had a blast! We were able to let them off leash but she never even forged ahead! She either stayed by my side or behind me. I am not sure why she doesn't run all over the woods while we are hiking .... maybe she just is really attached to me or very obedient! LOL

Anyway, hope all is well. Luna is doing awesome!!!!!Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs!


So sorry Heather I never sent pics of Ollie, first the baby and then my Dad passed. We were in Ireland for the Summer. But I just wanted to say thank you for him. He's turning into, as we say at home, "a fine dog "!! We adore him and he is one of the best things we ever did. Him and the bay are a load of trouble, they gang up on me! He has gotten big and is lower so we're watching the weight, hard when you have a 17mth old feeding him cheerios from the highchair. I'm sending on some pics as I'm not sure if you can use any on my wall. Again thank you so much for our big baby, middle son and brother !


Dear Heather and Lana,

Well hunting season is starting and I just wanted to share some pix I shot of Luwak on his first hunting trip. He is still learning how to flush (he has a tendency to heel too close right now) but he is an excellent retriever with a great nose for finding the down birds. He is a character too! He talks to the birds as he is chasing them down. Even our trainer says he’s never seen anything like that and we all laugh when he does it. We nickname him the “Bird Whisperer” when he’s out in the field.

Thank you both for breeding such great qualities into our Luwak. He is a magnificent dog and truly a clown at home and we love him every precious moment when he’s in our presence. He is so good looking that I receive compliments when I’m out in public with him.

One day after an aggressive morning of hunt training out at Gun Dogs R Us in Peyton, CO., I stopped in a Wendy’s to get a quick bite to eat. The girl at the drive up window went “gah-gah” over Luwak and called all her co-workers over to see him. Next thing I know they handed me an un-bunned beef patty to give to Luwak on the house!

Everybody loves this dog!

Enjoy the pix. I wish they were of better quality but all I had at the time was a disposable camera.

Yours truly,
Steve & Sharon
Proud & Happy Owners

Our little girls will be 9 months tomorrow. They are Sadie (yellow) and Della (black) born from Cash and Ashes on February 11th. We love them so! They have gone through puppy class – have been spayed and chipped. They are still a little crazy, but so loveable. Remember, Sadie was the large puppy.

Thanks for giving us such wonderful girls!


Dear Heather and Lana,

We got Norton (yellow male) from you 8 or 9 years ago. He is doing great!

I was just checking in on your website to see what was happening in the world of Riorock Labs.

Glad to see you are still breeding your beautiful labs.

Attached is our 2009 Christmas card, read it to the tune of Jingle Bells - Enjoy!

Hi Heather,

Hope you are doing well and settled in to your new home in Iowa. Thought I'd share a couple recent photos of Guinness (pup of Decoy and Corey). We adore him.

I notice from your website that you don't have any litters planned, and haven't for some time. Are you guys still breeding/showing dogs?

We have family friends who may be interested...


Hi Heather and Lana,

We just wanted to forward a picture of Mr. Jones (2/18/09 – Hamley & Jazz). As you can see, he loves to hunt. Thank you for him - we love him so much!

Jill and Kelly

Hi LANA after 8 years, here's some shots of my beautiful simon [weight 90.6 lbs] - how are his parents okie and dozer? now you've moved to iowa - wow - i'm still in tucson.
kind regards

Hi Heather!

I just wanted to write and give you an update on our favorite family addition, Ruth (from Decoy and Mimi).

We have enjoyed her immensely! She is almost 11 months old and just as fun as the day we brought her home. She is incredible calm and very smart and LOVES other dogs and children. She is gentle, funny, and gives the best facial expressions of any dog I have known. Ruth adores the water (big surprise) being outside, and playing. She still has a lot of puppy in her that we hope never leaves. She came through her spay like a champ in January, and it didn't change her a bit. She is such a wonderful addition to our family that my mom calls her her "fur grandchild!"

I get to take her to work with me sometimes, and I have attached a picture of her from last week. Enjoy! I think she looks just like Mimi! We have also met a puppy in our neighborhood who's dad is Cash, his name is Max and he is seven months old. They LOVE playing together, you would think they knew they were from the same kennel!


Here are some new pics of Dexter a five year old male out of Dozer and Daisey. THnaks for the great pup!!!

Hi Heather!

I hope you remember us, Teri and Brian W. Princeton and Zeus are doing fantastic. They are absolutely fantastic! They have the joy of spending a good deal of time with another of your dogs owned by Dana C. and Ann S.! We are going to be in the market for another Rio Rock Labrador in the coming year. Princeton and Zeus will be turning 6. We now have a 4 year old daughter and a 6 year old son to complete the pack.

Just want to touch base to see if you have any litters planned for later in the year.

Would love to hear from you!

Teri and Brian

Hope you are having a great 2009!


Hi my name is Jasmin, Im a friend of Todd A. He got a puppy from your litter from Ashes and Cash and I picked her up on April 6th 2009. Anyhow I puppy sat for her this weekend and took some pictures while she was here and Todd wanted me to send them to you! She's about 6 1/2 months now and growing like a weed! But she is amazing and her name is Aspen! Enjoy!


Good morning, I was just on your website and saw photos of our Gunner as a very young puppy, I thought you might want to see him as an adult. Gunner is a great dog and a wonderful companion, thank you.


Hi Heather and Lana,

I just wanted to send a couple more pictures of Zoie (pink collar female from Hunter and Lizzie) and thank you both again for the wonderful Labs you breed. Zoie is the perfect addition to our family and has been an absolute joy. We love watching her puppy play and laugh at all the funny things she does. She has a very cheerful personality and loves everyone she meets.

Zoie is a happy, health puppy and we are grateful to have her.

Best regards,
Matt and Nicol

I thought that I would email you and give you an update on the pup that I bought from you in October. I am very happy and as much as I miss my last lab, I do have to say that Gunner it one of the smartest dogs I have come across. He was ringing the bell to go outside, 3 days after we brought him home. I was a little nervous for the first few weeks because he wouldn't stay by our side when we would be watching TV or lying around. But that has changed and he is always by us. He only had 2 accidents inside the house. He is very calm inside the house. I was able to take him out duck hunting to get him introduced to ducks and gun shots the last week of the season. He was fetching the duck at 4 months old when I would throw them by hand. I have already started him with hand signals for direction. He is able to do blind retrieves when I put him on a mark. I took him walking through a pheasant field to start him on pheasants. I have never seen this at 5 months. He goes out and fetches the paper every morning and has yet to chew on anything in the house besides his toys. If I say "No" he stops whatever he is doing. I couldn't be any happier.

Joliet, IL

Hi, Heather! I thought of you when I saw this - it's probably the cutest thing I've ever seen, and looks so much like Fannie ... she will be 9 years old on March 2nd ... we have cherished every single day with her ... she is, without question, the best dog we have ever had. We moved from Bayfield, Colorado to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas just a little over a year ago ... I see that you have moved to Iowa ????? Hope that you and your parents and all of your dogs are well ... I imagine that by now Okie is gone ????? Thank you, again and again and again, for our precious little girl. Mary Ann

Hi Heather!

Hope you are doing great! Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Lulu with our girls, Emma and Gabby. Lulu is doing great! We just love her so much. She has a great appetite and is doing well adjusting to our home! She loves playing in our yard as well as with all of her toys. Thanks so much. Take care,


It has been 10 years since we adopted Cassie from Riorocklabradors. I can't say enough about our dog!

Cassie is still going strong with good health and is just a plain loving dog! She is even tempered and well trained. We never had any issues with Cassie with the exception of the rattle snake bite a few years ago.

I have attached a current photo of her taken by my son, Paul. Paul walks Cassie on Saturday and Sunday and I give her long walks (3 miles) Monday through Friday. Even though she is out of puppy hood, she still behaves like one. We take her to Chatfield which is a dog off leash park. She loves not having to wear a dog leash.

I wanted to say thank you for our dog... We love her a lot.

I like your website but sad that you moved to New England!

Cassie is the daughter of Haley and Dozer. We met Dozer when we picked Cassie up (you were on your way to a dog event). Marco is Cassie's brother and then Polo. Such cute names.

I am attaching recent photos of Cassie. As you can see, she is in very good health. We walked this morning at 5:30 a.m. for close to 3 miles. Not bad for a 10 year old!

Hopefully, I can adopt another pup from you in the future.


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