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* Riorock Information Page *
Thank you for your interest in a Riorock Labrador Retriever. Riorock breeds the three recognized colors of the Labrador Retriever Black, Chocolate, and Yellow. Shades of Yellow can vary from light cream to fox red. Quality, Temperament, Type and Soundness is very important to us. Our Labradors are bred for Multipurpose ability. Our puppies make excellent companions and hunting partners. We breed for the classic English look, calm temperaments and willingness to please. Our dogs have the classic English look, calm temperaments and willingness to please. We retain the rights to at least the first (2) show prospect picks in every litter as we only do the breedings to carry on our next generation. Each breeding is carefully planned to improve on each generation.

We only breed a few litters a year. Each litter is whelped and raised in our home being exposed to all types of sounds including washer, dryer, vaccum and music. The puppies receive lots of handling and socialization before going to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. They receive their first shot at 6 to 7 weeks. This shot will cover Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus, and Parainfluenza. The puppies will be wormed several times before going home. You will receive puppy packet with AKC paperwork, pedigree, microchipped, toy with littermates scent on it, sample of food, feeding schedule, medical record that includes shots and wormings that your puppy received when you pick up your puppy. All puppies will have been seen by our vet and had a Wellness Exam before being released into the new owners care. We want new owners to take their new puppy to a vet of their choice within 72 hours of picking up the puppy from us. Your vet will help you set up a schedule of their chose to finish the series of puppy shots and it is recommend to have your vet start the puppy on heartworm medications. This is very important in many parts of the US.

Our puppies come with a 2 year written warranty on the hips and eyes, along with a spay/neuter agreement. All parents have had OFA Clearances, Optigen tested for (PRA-PRCD), ACVO (CERF) Eyes, Heart Cleared, EIC(Exercise Induced Collapse), HNPK and CNM tested to help us prevent any of these diseases. All breeders should be doing the DNA Genetic testing of PRA, EIC, HNPK, and CNM to prevent producing puppies that are affected with these conditions. These genetic testing let us be 100% certain not to produce puppies with these conditions.

Below is images showing how puppies hips develop as they grow. Its very important the puppy is kept on a quality large breed puppy to provent rapid growth and become too heavey. We also recommend llimited exercise, which includes not jumping from high areas (out of vechiles), rough playing with other dogs, or taking them on long hikes or jogges until older. Their joints and growth plates are not fully developed until over 12 months of age. We do not recommend giving any supplement to growing puppies other then Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Vitimin C or Ester C. A good joint supplement is great for growing puppies and can be a useful for good joint maintence in older dogs too.
Puppy Hip X Rays 1 day, 8 weeks, and 20 weeks.
Puppy Elbow X Rays as they grow.
Please take the time to read on (Labrador Health Clearances and Testing Here).

We recommend that you put a deposit down to hold a puppy, link to deposit form is below. The deposits are non refundable for any reason you decide not to take a puppy. Puppies are reserved in the order the deposits were received. Once we receive deposits we start turning away potential buyers. This way we know what and how many we have available. The picking/selection process does not start until 7 to 7 1/2 weeks of age. This helps insure that we can go over personalities and temperaments of the puppies with new owners. We do weekly to every week and half photos of puppies, so new families get to watch the babies development and grow. We prefer to do updates of photos and video on our Facebook Page at Once the puppies are 4 weeks old, we will put collars on for individual ID. Our puppies are not available to Brokers or Pet stores.

We offer delivery to meet new owners for a minimal fee, once the puppies turn 8 weeks old we will plan a day to meet all owners. *** Please note if you are not able to meet us on the planned date. Then you will be expected to come to our home to pick up your puppy. We do not ship puppies without the owner(s) meeting the puppy first.

(Deposit Form) Must be sent in with your deposit.

We will allow visits after the puppies have had their first vaccinations. Which is at 6 to 7 weeks of age. This is for the best interest of our puppies and their new families as diseases and viruses can be carried on clothing and/or shoes. We do require everyone that comes into contact with our puppies to disinfect hands and shoes before handling them. If coming to visit we ask that you please don't visit any other breeders the same day as coming to visit our dogs and puppies including going into pet stores. It is also very important that once you get your new puppy, that the puppy not be around other dogs, taken to public place, dog parks, etc until after 12 weeks of age. As certain diseases and viruses can be picked up from other dogs stools, urine, or even on the ground where an affected animal has been. So its very important that the puppy stay home until after 12 weeks of age and receiving its 3rd vaccination.

All of our puppies are sold on an AKC limited registration which means the puppy cannot be bred or shown in conformation but may be in obedience, agility, and hunt tests. Limited Registration helps preserve and protect our lines from irresponsible breeding practices.

Why we don't believe in removing dew claws on our puppies. Please watch video below for more information on dew claws.

If you are interested in a Riorock Labrador Retriever. Please feel free to E-Mail us for more information or questions you may have about our Labradors Retrievers. Please fill out the online puppy application, this helps us to know if a Riorock Puppy would be a good match for your family!!
Labrador Retriever Breed Standard

Please see litters page for more information. If you are interested please fill out our online application.
***If you are interested in adopting a Riorock Puppy, please fill out our Puppy Adoption Application***

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